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FFL Transfer Fee - Basics

As a Class 1 FFL Dealer, I do NOT handle 

Special Occupational Tax (SOT) transactions.  This includes silencers and fully automatic firearms. Class I FFL Dealers are authorized to buy, sell, trade or transfer non-SOT firearms. 

FFL transfer fees are $30 (USD) for the first firearm in a transaction. Additional firearms within a single transaction will incur a discounted transfer fee of $15 (USD).

EXAMPLE: Total fee for a transaction consisting of 2 firearms would total $45 (USD).

Note: A multiple gun sale form (3310.4 and/or 3310.12) in additional to the 4473 could be applicable should the transaction meet certain requirements.   

Email me at info@2AGUNNERS.com to start the process and/or any questions you may have. 

Possible FFL Transfer Fee discount:

I provide discounts for all current/former members of the United States military and law enforcement officers (active, reserve, retired, and honorable discharge). Proof of service required.

For pistol, handgun, and revolver transfers, you can receive a discount should you provide a firearm lock and/or secure storage (safe) device at the time of pickup. Alternatively, if the pistol, handgun, or revolver is delivered with a firearm lock and/or secure storage device (new purchase or shipped with one), you will automatically receive this discount.

The total number of locks and/or secure storage device(s) must match the total number of pistols, handguns, or revolvers being transferred at the time of pick up, otherwise discounts will not apply to all of transferred firearms and free lock(s) will be provided.

Discounts apply to additional transfer BEFORE first transfer.

Other discounts may apply.  Contact me at info@2agunners.com for more information.


My business hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 0900-1200 (noon) or by appointment.  Please send me any tracking information you may have for your shipment(s) to info@2AGUNNERS.com.  My zip code is 85207 and main cross streets are Brown and Ellsworth in Mesa, Arizona. 

Terms of Consignment:

Currently not taking any Consignment Firearms at the moment due to limited demand.  If you are interested on posting your firearm(s) on my website, send me an email at info@2agunners.com

Failed Background:

Should the receiver of firearm(s) fail a background check for any reason (to include misinformation on documentation), by utilizing my services, you agree to surrender your FFL transfer fee(s) (to cover shipping should it be required) and/or firearm(s) (in the case of consignment) to 2AGUNNERS LLC. 

Forms of Approved Payment:

I am currently accepting PayPal and all major credit/debit cards.  Cash is also accepted but please bring exact change due to limited cash on hand.      


Buying Guns Online and the Transfer Process

In order to purchase firearms from an online dealer you will have to provide them a valid FFL dealer in your area.   What you need to do is find the firearms on a reputable online gun dealer/seller, purchase the firearms and provide a FFL License to the gun dealer/seller.  They may have your FFL dealer of choice already on file (I am on Gunbroker.com).  I would recommend contacting the FFL dealer after purchasing the firearms so they are tracking the transaction.

Sending Firearms Out of State

Selling your firearms online (to include privately through backpage.com) to someone outside of your current state will require a FFL dealer to complete this transaction.  Basically, if you sell to someone out of state you will need a FFL dealer from your state, sent to a FFL dealer of the state where the sale is being completed in. 

Private Sales With a Federal Background Check

Although not required in Arizona, you can use a FFL to complete a private sale and perform a background check.  This way you know you are not selling your firearm to someone who could not legally obtain it.  Something else to consider is only selling to those who hold a valid Arizona CCW permit.  

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